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Pat Nolan
On Dogs!

Labrador Puppy Mini T Exercise

labrador retreiver mini t principles puppy Sep 09, 2022

This labrador puppy was 8 weeks old the day this video was recorded. I had been working with her for one week. She had one week of training before this day.  

This drill combines 6 different responses the puppy is learning . We taught each action individually before chaining them together. 

  1. Line to a target
    2. Take avoidable obstacle on route to the target 
    3. Recall from the target
    4. Remote sit on the return,
    5. Cast to a target from the remote sit,
    6. Wait on the target until called, and then
    7.  another recall. (I would delete this as you said 6 skills

We have what the puppy wants, a food reward. We want her to learn that we want her to have it, and the tasks we show her will cause us to do so!

We show her by setting up cues that tell her what we want, and then using the food reward to reinforce the desired action,

The cues we are using include,
Dixie Cup targets,
Arm casts right and left,
Verbal cues and commands,
Physical surroundings.

Handling the puppy consistently helps add information for the puppy. For example, I always carry the puppy with me as I place the reward on her target. I always lift her front end up to show her the target before releasing her.

Those consistent cues and mechanics start a craving in the puppy for the reward that is associated with the behavior. This craving drives the behavior.

This is the transformation we are seeking. The puppy enjoys the behaviors. In other words, The behavior becomes rewarding!