Build Your Next Retriever
From the Pup Up!

Prepare your working retriever for a successful life in the field.

Maximize your puppy’s early learning experiences

Learn how to build desirable training habits, mold beneficial character traits, and instill a solid foundation of field skills.

Jump-start the development of your puppy’s working memory

Help your puppy learn the self-control needed to succeed in competition

Develop your puppy’s mental flexibility to handle the conflicting demands of advanced competition 

Choose Your Puppy's Future!

A puppy's brain undergoes explosive growth from birth to 12-14 weeks. 

Your puppy's experiences during this sensitive period impact the structural framework and connections in the brain.

With proper early training, you will positively impact your puppy's brain development and prepare her for a future as a competitive retriever. 


Retriever from the Pup Up!

A complete puppy training program for Retrievers.
Beginning Obedience, Building Retrieve Drive, Shaping a Conditioned Retrieve, Beginning Marking, and Laying a Solid Foundation for Running Blinds.

✦ Get instant access to 7 Modules and 56 video lessons. 

✦ These are real puppy training sessions not just demonstration videos. You can watch Blaze, a young Labrador retriever, develop through the program.

✦ You will have 24/7 access to the course for as long as it exists. You can log in anytime.

✦ Videos are closed captioned.

✦ Webinar replays with Pat Nolan and Pat Burns.


What's included in the course ...


This course is for you if...

✦ you are a student of retriever training.

✦ you are interested in retriever hunt tests or field trials.

✦ you train your own dog.

✦ you are preparing your puppy or young dog for professional training.


Pat Nolan

Pat Nolan has worked in animal venues for 47 years, gaining a broad range of experience. He has trained retrievers for field trials, detection canines for military, police, and anti-poaching work, birds of prey for falconry, and deer, dogs, and other animals for commercials. As a seasoned trainer and consultant, he is passionate about advancing the art and science of canine training. In addition to his current training for units in the special operations community, he is involved in training canines for research projects as well as the development of specialized equipment for detection training. When not training, Pat enjoys family, travel, and photography.

"Your puppy stuff is the BEST!! I’ve raised 4 pups on your program now and will continue to do so. It’s the only one I follow."

- Jamee 

"Pat, without you we never would have been QAA - we couldn’t get thru a water blind! I think the most important lesson you taught me was to show my dog that obedience was the path to the bird, not the obstacle. It ended the battles & set me on a wonderful new journey & I’ll be forever grateful to you."

- Jane 

"It doesn’t matter if you compete at national level or you just want to train your dog for yourself, Pat has something to teach you and also to challenge you. And at the end of a training session you and your dog feel empowered, like a real team."

- Val

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Retriever from the Pup Up!

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